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Ship Specification
Propulsion Engine Specification
Generator Sets Specification
Heating and Galley
Deck Equipment
Ships Plan
Barge selection
Purchasing a Barge
TV and Radio
Where to buy a Barge
Purchase and running costs
Red Tape
Mobile Telephones
VHF Radios
Maiden Voyage 2005
River Maas in 2005
Southern Holland 2005
Belgium Autumn 2005
Barge Warming winter 2005
Holiday in South Africa 2006
Belgium and Holland Spring 2006
Dutch Bulb Fields Spring 2006
Belgium in May 2006
June in Northern France 2006
The Somme 2006
Down to Paris 2006
River Marne 2006
Down the River Meuse 2006
Plans for 2007 cruise
Visit to China 2006
Visit to New Zealand 2006
Visit to Australia 2007
Visit to Brazil 2007
Repairs and Maintenance 2007
Ardennes Canal and Reims 2007
Chalons to Chalon 2007
Canal du Centre and Roanne 2007
The Loire valley 2007
Apremont 2007
Briare to Paris 2007
Autumn in France 2007
Winter in Briare 2007/8
Cruising plans for 2008
The Nivernais 2008
A trip to Ireland 2008
The Nivernais Canal 2008
The Burgundy Canal 2008
St. Jean to Bruges 2008
Winter in Bruges 2008
Winter in Bruges 2009
Cruising plans 2009
Belgium in Spring 2009
Belgium in Summer 2009
Givet to Dole 2009
Dole to Mulhouse 2009
Dijon to Gent 2009
Wintering in Gent 2009
Cruising plans for 2010
Spring in Benelux 2010
Summer in Holland 2010
Late Summer in Holland 2010
Wintering in Gent 2010
Cruising plans 2011
Spring in Belgium 2011
Summer in Belgium & France 2011
California USA 2011
New Zealand 2011
Coromandel & Manawatu 2011
East Cape to Hawkes Bay 2011
Napier to Christchurch 2011/12
Southland New Zealand 2012
Mount Cook to Akaroa 2012
Australia 2012
Cruising plans 2012
Belgium and France 2012
Summer in France 2012
Winter in Belgium & UK 2012
Living Ashore 2012
Living Ashore 2013
Cruising Plans 2013
Spring in Belgium 2013
Italy and Germany 2013
Amalfi 2013
Sicily 2013
Napoli to Eeklo 2013
Summer in Belgium 2013
Ashore for good 2013
Beautiful Bridgnorth
Ashore for good 2014
Madeira 2014
Early Summer 2014
Mid Summer 2014
Autumn and Prague 2014
Winter 2014/15
Sale of Harmonie 2015
Dresden 2015
Greece 2015
Summer 2015
Autumn 2015
Winter 2015/16
Spring 2016
Gran Canaria
Summer 2016
Autumn 2016
Todi Umbria 2016
Winter 2016/17
Hong Kong 2017
New Zealand 2017
San Francisco 2017
Greece 2017
Spring 2017
Summer 2017
Autumn/Winter 2017/18
Thailand 2018
Spring 2018
Summer 2018
Late Summer 2018
Autumn in UK 2018
Summer in NZ 2018/19
Autumn in NZ 2019
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Favourite Poems
Harmonies history
Caving Songs index
75 years of the BEC
Amalgamation Song
The Ballad of Priddy Green
The BEC songs
Boulder have a Crunch
The Discovery of Swildons Four
Exeter Perves Song
The Expert Caver
Down Below
The Family Club
It's the Tunes that I really like
The Exploration Club
The MCG Song
The Mendip Musicians
The Modern Speleologist
The MRA Song
The Mendip Songs
Priddy Green Song
The Reason I go Caving
Shepton Sheep Song
They Words
Stoke Lane Sump song
Take me back to that dear old Belfry
Tankards Hole Song
The Barry Lane Song
The Hard Caver
These Mendip Things
Three Plymouth Whores
Wessex Cave Club Hymn
With Lloyd on our side

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