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Score of To be a Farmers Boy
This song usually follows 'There once was a farmer' which has already concluded with part of this song.

A farmer in the field one day threw down his plough and said,
"This ploughing is to much for me I wish that I were dead",
Then up strode Jack, put the plough upon his back,
And a mighty oath swore he,
"To plough and sow and have a fuckin' go,
To be a farmers boy, to be a farmers boy."

The vicar of a dockside church one Sunday morning said,
"Some dirty bastards shat himself I'll thump his fucking head."
Then up spoke Jack from the fourth row back,
And a mighty oath swore he,
Said "Oim the one who shat himself,
Go chew thy scaley rue, go chew thy scaley rue."

The choir boy was in the choir a likely looking lad,
The vicar from the pulpit said "I'll be your deep sea dad,
I'll buy you sweets and lollipops
And if that's not enough,
I'll woof six inches of myself
Right up your little chuf, right up your little chuf".

Young Jenny Wren was in the choir a singing like a thrush,
The vicar from the pulpit said "I think your fucking lush."
The organist walked down the isle,
With his organ on his back,
And the vicar from the pulpit said,
"You can waltz that bastard back, you can waltz that bastard back.