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It was in the Hunters Lodge Inn at Priddy on the Mendip hills of Somerset many years ago, Ben Dors, the landlord, used to collect empty glasses from the back room where the Cavers were singing. If the songs we were singing at the time contained swear words or other obscenities then he would remonstrate with us to "watch they words" which is why this collection is so named.
The Mendip caving songs have been recorded complete with scores and sound files so now the task of recording the recitations and rude songs we sang has begun and several of us old farts are engaged in the process.

The original midi sound files have been converted to mp3 files and all will play on Internet Explorer but there is an issue with other browsers which will not accept player plugins. Midi files are tiny which is why I used them originally but are not supported on all players. For this reason I am now using mp3 files which are huge by comparison but widely accepted and, if your browser doesn't accept player plugins, I am putting a link in to the file so you can play the mp3 file on whatever player you are using. All new songs will now be coded for this format.

Many of these songs owe their existence to rugby clubs where it has long been the tradition after a game to sink large quantities of beer and sing rude songs. We had a similar tradition on Mendip after a caving trip but as many cavers in the west country would have played rugby, many of the songs probably travelled up to Mendip with them.
The words are unexpurgated but if your browser is set appropiately then the pages should be protected from young eyes although if they can use a computer these days they could probably teach us a few! If you used to be a singer on Mendip in the 50's and 60's and have something to add or correct then contact me and I will respond.

Roger Biddle, December 2016




"A" is for Arsehole
All the Nice girls love a Candle
As I was walking through a wood
Anthony Clair
Ball of Kirriemuir (The)
Balls of O'Leary (The)
Balls to Mr Banglestein
Barley Mow (The)
Barnacle Bill
Bye Bye Blackbird
Cats on the rooftop
Chastity Belt
Christopher Robin
Cuckoo (The)

Dan the lavatory man
Did you ever see
Down with Fornication
Do your balls hang low
Down in the sewer
Engineers song
Eton boating song (The)

Gay Cabellero (The)
Gentlemen should please refrain
Golden Slumbers
Fascinating Bitch (The)
Good Girl(The)
Good Ship Venus (The)
Hairs on her Dicky di do (The)
Harland Song (The)
Henry my Son
Hitler has only got one ball
Holy Moses
I caught a dose of pox
I don't want to join the army
I used to work in Chicago

I like cunt
If I were the marrying kind
I'm a Homo
Irish French Letter
It's the same the whole world over
Ivan Skavinsky Skavar
Keyhole in the Door (The)
Lady Jane
Life presents a dismal picture
Lillian Gee
Little Redwing
Lobster Song (The)
Man who broke the bank (The)
Marseillaise (The)

Mary from the mountain glen
Mary in the garden
Muck men
My Grandfathers Cock
My God how the money rolls in
Mary sweet Mary
No Balls At All
O'Reilly's daughter
Oh Sir Jasper
Old King Cole

Olga and Serge
Oscar was a wily bird
Please do not stand on my balls
Please don't pull our shithouse down
Portions of a woman (The)
Rodean School
Ring Rang Roo
Ring the bell Verger
Roll me over in the clover
Roll your leg over
Rugby Tinker (The)

Rule Britannia
Sally Hawkins
Silver hairs amongst the gold

Sing us another one do
Snow was falling (The)
Some talk of Alexander (The British Gonorrhea)
There once was a farmer
To be a farmers boy (sung with preceding song)
There was a monk of great renown
There was a young lady in Clapham
There were two sons
They're digging up fathers grave
These foolish things
Three German officers crossed the line
Three Whores from Plymouth
Tickle my arse with a feather
Twelve days of Syphilis (The)
Vicar of a country church (The)
Violate me in the violet time
West Virginia Snow (The)
Welsh National Anthem (The)
When the end of the month comes along
Where be that blackbird too
Be I Bristol (sung with preceding song)
Rip my knickers away (sung with preceding song)
Will you marry me
Winnipeg Whore (The)
Woodpeckers Hole(The)
Yellow Ribbon (The)


Boatswain (The)
Daniel (The story of)
Eskimo Nell
I wonder where brave Earwig is
O'Flaherty (Mrs)
Strong Black Sausage
Tale of Sonia Snell (The)
Wild West Show (The)

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