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Score of There once was a Farmer
This song continues without any stops until the end when a phrase of 'to be a farmers boy' is sung to finish. This song is usually followed with 'To be a farmers boy'.

There once was a farmer who sat on some rocks,
Teching his children to play with their,
Toys and their marbles as in days of yore,
When along came a lady who looked like a,
Decent your lady with a walk like a duck,
She said she was learning a new way to,
Educate her children to sow and to knit,
While the boys in the farmyard were shovelling the,
Contents of the stable the muck and the mire,
While the lord of the manor was pulling his,
Horse from the stable to go to the hunt,
While his wife in her boudoir was powdering her,
Nose and arranging her vanity box,
Taking precautions to ward off the,
Gout and rheumatics which shook her to bits,
And the doctors pink pills which got on her,
Nerves and made her feel such a fool,
For well she remembered how she played with his,
Instruments and gadgets and asked him to tea,
Knowing full well he was bursting to,
Introduce his family and eat his wifes tarts,
Contenting himself with occasional,
References to his business his money and his luck,
While his lifes one ambition was to learn how to,
Be a farmers boy, to be a farmers boy.