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Score of There were two sons
The verses of this song are first recited in a sermon like way and then sung reverentially.

Spoken: There was a man who had two sons and these two sons were brothers,
John Thomas was the name of one, and Thomas John the other.

Sing brothers sing. ( the first and subsequent verses are then sung after they are recited)

Now these two brothers had a dog and it was double jointed,
They took it to the blacksmith’s shop to have its plonker pointed.

Sing brothers sing.

Now these two brothers both took sick through eating apple jelly,
John Thomas died upon his back, and Thomas John his elbow. (or his birthday if you prefer)

Sing brothers sing.

Now these two brothers both are dead, I hope you wish them well,
John Thomas has to heaven gone, and Thomas John there also.

Sing brothers sing.