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Score of The Snow was Falling

This is a song that was sung at the Hunters Lodge Inn but is not a mucky one. It is sung with a Cockney accent and much feeling which I have tried to reproduce.

The snow was fallin' 'orrid,
The 'arf at 'ome was cold,
We didn't 'ave no fire,
'Cos all the sticks 'woz sold.
And then 'is poor old mother,
She was so stricken ill.
He yielded to temptation,
And a-rifled of the till.

This was a sinful haction,
To steal anuvver's wealf.
He said I only dunnit,
To save my poor mums 'elf.
The hofficer wot came for 'im,
'e wiped away ay tear.
'e said I knows my duty,
And no more I must not 'ear.

They clapped the irons across 'im,
And come in fru the door,
'e said I only dunnit,
Because we woz so poor.
(falsetto) Don't send my boy to prison,
It's the first crime wot 'e's done.
(gruff voice) six munfs replied his lordship,
(falsetto) Oh God bless my errant son.