The Tale of Sonia Snell.

This is the tale of Sonia Snell
To whom an accident befell,
An accident which may well seem,
Embarrassing in the extreme.

Now it happened as it did to many,
That Sonia went to spend a penny,
In the properly appointed place,
Provided at the railway station,
There to sit in contemplation.

Unfortunately unacquainted,
That the woodwork had been newly painted,
Sonia soon realised her inability to rise,
And though she struggled pulled and yelled,
She found that she was firmly held.

Her cries for help quickly brought,
A crowd of every size and sort,
The Station Master and his staff,
Were most polite and did not laugh,
“Cor Blimey” said an ancient porter,
“We ought to soak her off with water”.

A carpenter arrived at last,
And finding Sonia still stuck fast,
Remarked “ I know what I can do”,
And neatly sawed the seat right though,

An ambulance came down the street,
And bore off Sonia complete with seat,
It took the wooden bottomed girl,
Off to the local hospital,
They lifted her by heels and head,
Laid her, face down, upon the bed.

“Well” a surgeon said in awe,
“Did you ever see such a sight before?”
“Yes“ said a student unashamed,
“Frequently; but never framed!