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Score of Ring Rang Roo

As I was walking down the street,
A fair young maid I chanced to meet,
She said "young man, how do you do,
Would you like to play with my ring rang roo,

"Oh your ring rang roo, now what is that?"
"It's soft and dark, like a pussy cat,
With hairs all round, and split in two,
Thats what I call my ring rang roo."

She took me to her fathers cellar,
She said "young man, your a very fine fella',"
She gave me wine and whisky too,
And I banged all night on her ring rang roo.

Her father came, and this he said,
"You've gone and lost your maidenhead,
Pack up your bags, and you luggage too,
You can earn your keep with your ring rang roo."

She went down town and bought a flat,
With welcome written on the mat,
Ten dollars down and it's up to you,
You can bang all night on my ring rang roo.

Well the matelots came, and the matelots went,
And the price went down to fifty cents,
From sweet sixteen, to ninety two,
They banged all night on her ring rang roo.

Along there came a son of a bitch,
He had the pox and the dhobi itch,
One ball was green and the other was blue,
And he banged all night on her ring rang roo.

A month went by and then she knew,
That sad to say, she had it too,
It festered up and split in two
And that was the end of her ring rang roo.

And now she's buried six feet deep,
Two tombstones at her head and feet,
And now the worms and the maggots too,
Play hide and seek in her ring rang roo.

So gather round, you men of honour,
Take out your tools and piss upon her,
She may be dead but she's not forgotten,
For her heart was good, but her cunt was rotton.