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Score of Will you marry me

This is a duet of the gentlemen and ladies who sing alternate verses. If the ladies are not in evidence or refuse to sing then the men should sing the ladies part in falsetto.

If I give you half a crown, will you take your knickers down?
Will you marry, marry marry marry, will you marry me.

If you give me half a crown, I won't take my knickers dowm,
I won't marry, marry marry marry, I won't marry you.

The song continues in the same vein with the ladies unable to accede to the requests!

If I give you two and six, will you let me feel your tits?

If I give you a big kiss, can I lick your clitoris?

If I give you half a note, can I shove it down your throat?

If I give you loads of pot, can I shove it up your twat?

If I give you loads of grass, can I stick it up your ass?

If I give you my big chest, and all the money I possess,

To which the ladies reply that they will marry him so the men say.

Out the door you lousy whore, money was all you're looking for,
Iíll not marry, marry marry marry, Iíll not marry you.