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Score of Sally Hawkins

I first met Sally 'awkins dahn the Old Kent Road,
Her drawers were 'angin' dahn,
She'd bif wiv Charlie Brahn,
I pressed a dirty tanner in 'er grubby little 'and,
For she was a dirty old 'ore cor blimy,
She wore nor blouses and I wore no trousers,
And we both wore no under clothes,
And when she carressed me she damn nigh undressed me,
What a pleasure no one knows,
I went to the doctor he said "where did you cop 'er?",
I said "dahn on the Old Kent Road",
He said "in less than a twinkle,
That pimple on your winkle,
Will be bigger than a red red rose".
Turn over Mabel, it's better on the other side,
I really mean it, the customer is always right,
Now put the cat out, I'll never let you 'ave it again,
Wiv all your clothes on, I'll never let you 'ave it again,
Good evening friends.