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Score of Digging up Fathers grave to build a sewer
At the end of the first line of each verse the last words shown in italics are spoken in response. In the second line the words in italics are sung, much like the last line.

They're digging up Fathers grave to lay a sewer, lay a sewer?
They're doing it regardless of expense, of expense.
They're digging up his remains, to make way for sewer drains,
To satisfy the local residents, the residents.

Throughout his life he never was a quitter, was a quitter!
I don't suppose he'll be a quitter now, quitter now.
So when the job's complete, he will haunt that shithouse seat,
And only them'll shit as he'll allow, as he'll allow.

And won't there be some awful constipation, constipation
and won't those residents all rant and rave, rant and rave.
They'll get what they deserve, 'cos they 'ad the fuckin' nerve,
To desicrate a British workmans grave, a workmans grave!