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This was the web site of Roger and Sue Biddle and recorded the progress of our lives since our retirement in 2005 when we sold our house and business, Provender Delicatessen in South Petherton, Somerset and bought a Dutch Barge called Harmonie II. We sailed all around Europe and our trials and tribulations are recounted here.

On May 10th 2020 Sue died in Tauranga, New Zealand from secondary bone cancer and the primary cancer was never found. Whilst caring for Sue I was diagnosed with Myeloma which is a type of blood cancer which produces too many plasma cells in the bone marrow. Average life expectancy for someone of my age was then 5 years.

I returned to England in May 2021 and turned my attention to raising funds for Macmillan Cancer Support by walking the 102 mile long Macmillan Way West in Sues memory. You can see the result of my efforts on my JustGiving page here. In the meantime I have completed a section beginning here recording our life together since 1974 when we first met. Another section records my life before we met from 1956 to 1974.

The site is divided into three sections from where you can navigate to pages covering the original subject of Barging, our Travels round the world and Life after Harmonie since coming ashore to live.

You will also find pages with the caving songs of Mendip, my favourite poems, music and some family history. I regularly update the blog putting the world to rights!


Roger Biddle.