Cruising Plans for 2012

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At the present time we have not made any firm plans for the 2013 cruising season. We will return to Harmonie at the end of March and will be on board painting and doing various maintenance jobs. We are thinking of doing a trip to Strasbourg and if that's what we decide then we would leave Eeklo late May to arrive at the French border on 1st June. This fits in with the latest tarrifs from the French Waterways VNF who have revised their periods and charges this year. For the first time vessels are being charged per metre plus a fixed charge but they have also invented new validity periods and their seasonal package is valid from June 1st to September 30th. For Harmonie this will mean a charge of just over €500 which is about €50 less than we paid last year.
The route would be up the Schelde into France then we might do the St Quentin again before heading for Shampoo land to rivitalise our stocks! Now that they have automated the Marne Rhine canal it's a doddle so we would then follow it from start to finish, perhaps returning via the Saar/Mosel route through Germany, then Nancy and back via the Meuse.
Watch this space for further plans.

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