Gustav Holst

Gustav Holst

Jupiter. The Planets Suite

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Gustav Holst

Gustav Holst (1874 - 1934) was an English classical composer born in Cheltenham the son of Adolph von Holst who was descendant of Swedes, Latvians and Germans. Holst mother Clara Cox was from Cirencester.

We used to live in Cheltenham, Sue and I, and Holst's house in Cheltenham is now a museum and open to the public.

One of Holst's best known works is his Planets Suite and my favourite is Jupiter. Although the different movements are named after planets the music is intended to depict the different astrological gods and Jupiter was the Roman god of the sky who Holst said was the bringer of jollity.

I like it because it features the hymn tune "I vow to thee my country", the poem written by Sir Cecil Spring Rice which Holst set to music. I think it should be the English National Anthem.

Jupiter is played here by the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Geoffrey Simon and if you would like to listen to the complete suite you can find it here.

Gustav Holst discography can be found here.

Jupiter from the Planets Suite.
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