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Gabriel Fauré

Gabriel Fauré (1845 - 1924) was a French classical composer. Apart from his Pavane I know very little of Fauré's works but his requiem has always been one of my favourite religous pieces.

The melodies Fauré uses are haunting, especially the Piu Jesu which is featured in the track below with soprano Kathleen Battle singing it.

This link will take you to a video of the full requiem performed by Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia with Víctor Pablo Pérez, conducting, María Eugenia Boix, soprano, Neal Davies, baritone and the Coro de la OSG.

Fauré did not write many orchestral works but his Pavane in F-Sharp Minor is one that will be familiar to many as it was used by the BBC in their coverage of the 1998 FIFA World Cup.
The link above is of the Berlin Philharmonic playing it conducted by Simon Rattle.

Gabriel Fauré's discography can be found here.

Requiem, Pie Jesu
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