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Score of Its the tunes that we really like song
These three members of the M.C.G. could not make the words fit the tune they had written so they simply added another few notes and changed that bar from 4/4 to 5/4 time, but it's a bugger to play!!

We come down to the Hunters Lodge to sing our cares away,
From London down to Mendip's quite a hike,
We know the songs are somewhat rude,
Some people say they're bloody crude,
But it's the tunes that we really like!

The vicar came the other day to join our merry throng,
He'd ridden fifteen miles upon his bike,
He said, "come on now sing away,
What's that one's begins with 'A',
But its the tune that I really like"!

So when you hear us sing those songs,
That fill you with disgust,
Like Angeline and the Blacksmiths lucky strike,
Remember please that when we sing,
The words don't mean a bloody thing,
'Cos it's the tunes that we really like.