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Score of The portions of a woman

Sung to the song by Glbert and Sullivan, "A policemans lot is not a happy one"

The portions of a woman that appeal to mans depravity,
Are fashioned with considerable care,
And what at first appears to be a simple little cavity,
Is really an elaborate affair.
Some doctors who have studied, this interesting phenomena,
By interesting experiments on dames,
Have taken all the items of the feminine abdomina,
And given then delightful latin names.

There's the vulva the vagina and the good old perineum,
And the hymen in the case of certain brides,
(spoken) lucky grooms,
And a thousand other things that you would like if you could see 'em,
The clitoris, and christ knows what besides.
So isn't it a pity, when idle people chatter,
About these things to which I have referred,
They use for such a delicate and complicated matter,
Such a short and unattractive little word,
(shouted) like cunt!