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Score of Stoke Lane Sump
These verses were written by Jim Giles of the Wessex Cave Club who had a real fear of sumps and, to my uncertain knowledge, never went through one. I can sympathise as Stoke Lane sump one was a miserable place with a low roof, turds sometime floating on the surface with a danger of diving too far and getting stuck if you didn't duck though properly on the way out. I also remember visiting Swildons sump one several times with my then caving mate, Martin Mills, before we both plucked up the courage to dive it (before the age of wet suits I might add).
Bob Bagshaw was the WCC secretary who was worrying Jim for his subs at the time. Jim wrote this for the first BEC song competition in 1961. The chorus uses the melody from the end of bar 17.

I've been to the sump in Stoke Lane,
They say that's where sumpers should train,
They say its quite easy it's only that long,
The entrance is narrow but 'cor what a pong!
I've been to the sump in Stoke Lane,
I don't think I'll go there again,
You can offer me money, you can buy all my booze,
But the thought of it drives me insane.

I've paid Bobby Bagshaw, I've paid,
Of shillings and pence I'm not made,
I've got a few buttons, some old caving clothes,
But I've paid Bobby Bagshaw, I've paid.

In Swildons, I've been to sump one,
They said it was easy and fun,
Now, Swildons Hole is my favourite cave,
And as far as Trats Temple, I'm really quite brave,
But I've been to sump one - and I've failed,
And I sat on a boulder and wailed,
You can call me a coward - and I'm sure that it's true,
But I'm not going through 'till it's bailed!