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Score of The Mendip Songs
The modernisation of the Hunters Lodge Inn in 1966 was the beginning of the end of the Saturday night singing. Although the cavers were provided with a larger and more convenient "back room" (further away from the bar so Ben couldn't hear 'they words'), the old layout was sadly missed and the singing gradually faded. It may have also been that the speleo musicians slowly disappeared and no one replaced them but very few new songs have appeared since then that are still part of the current repertoire.
I wrote this song as a follow up to Alfies "They Words", making a special effort to avoid 'they words'. The "Frank" referred to is Frank Frost who was often referred to as a bastard (to the tune of Onward Christian Soldiers) as was George Pointing and various other characters who the singers decided to lambast, particularly as a greeting when they arrived first in the singers room. Alfie Collins played banjo (see M.C.G. song) and weegies are people who are not cavers.

The Hunters Lodge on Mendip is the scene of many wrongs,
But worst of all its vices are the filthy caving songs,
The speleo musicians, are a bloody minded crew,
And castigate proud caving names, with stories most untrue.

Now songs about the M.C.G. refer to brewing tea,
The cider drinking Wessex have uresis constantly,
The reasons for these statements, is anything but clear,
The M.C.G brew coffee and the Wessex hold their beer.

Max Unwin, Frank and Alfie now must bow their heads in shame,
Because some lousy speleo has blackened every name,
For Alfies balls are normal, and Frank is quite legit,
And really Mr Unwin doesn't talk a load of rot.

The Shepton Mallet cavers are supposedly quite crude,
When each and every one of them, is known to be a prude,
If the B.E.C. are boozy, and of such capacity,
Why do they honk their beer up with such regularity?

And so the songs of Mendip which fill weegies with disgust,
Have proved to be untruthful and are totally unjust,
The writers of these ditties, who come within these walls,
Should be dragged outside and hoisted up, suspended by their toes!