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Score of With Lloyd on our side
In the mid 1960's there burst on to the cave diving scene Doctor Oliver Cromwell Lloyd who managed to inflame passions amongst the cave diving fraternity which resulted in this song. Mike Wooding with Messrs Savage and Drew had formed a breakaway diving group which is presumably the revolution referred to. "Fish" is Mike Jeanmaire of Axbridge who is reputed to have written this song with the exception of the last verse written by James Cobbett. Pearce is Ken Pearce of the B.S.A. The song is based on a Dylan composition "With God on our side" but for the folk purists will fit "The Patriot Game" where Dylan pinched it from originally.

Oh my name it is nothing, my age it means less,
The club I belong to is the one I love best,
I's taught and brought up there, the laws to abide,
For you won't go far wrong son with O.C.L. on your side.

Bob Davies and Balcombe soon had their day,
The lines in Wookey and Swildons were soon laid away,
The names of the heroes I's made to Memorise,
With reels in their hands and O.C.L. on their side.

The history books tell it, they tell it so well,
The revolutions came and the C.D.G. fell,
The revolutions failed and Mike Wooding he died,
He simply did not have O.C.L. on his side.

I've learnt to hate Pierce throughout my whole life,
If the B.S.A comes then it's them we must fight,
To hate them and fear then, to run and to hide,
For the B.S.A. too may have O.C.L. on their side.

The Northern Cave Divers said Lloyd was a liar,
And even Mike Wooding added fuel to the fire,
They came down to Wookey and diving they tried,
Could have been more successful with O.C.L. on his side.

We now have cave divers of passion and lust,
If the streamway needs forcing then force it we must,
One fault in our training and when we have died,
Will we have God or O.C.L. on our our side,

But now that I'm leaving I'm weary as hell,
The confusion I'm feeling ain't no tongue can tell,
I cannot think for you, you'll have to decide,
If you do or not want O.C.L. on your side.

And though my songs over, there's more to be said,
For "Fish" its composer, is married and dead,
He met with Liz Heather and made her his bride,
Now whose left to sing "With O.C.L. on Our Side".