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Score of The Discovery of Swildons Four Chant
For many months in 1957, Blue Pencil Passage in Swildons was attacked with explosives ('banger'), and for a long time the tantalising sound of running water could be heard around the final tight S bend until at last the spectacular Swildons Four streamway was entered. The tune is in the style of a Psalm chant but can not be identified; you just make the words fit as best you can!
The discovery was made by members of the Wessex Cave Club who were deemed to be religous for some reason. They also dug in Cow Hole where a dead cow was discovered during the digging hence the one line chant which is the first bar of the Volga Boatman: Score Cow Hole Chant
George Pointing was once a permanent fixture at the bar of the Hunters Lodge and could boast of having caved with Mr Balch, known as the father of Mendip caving. He also features in an additional verse in the Wessex Cave Club Song which consists of "George Pointing is a bastard, a Bastard is George Pointing" repeated four times.

Let all the bells ring with a glorious sound,
Let the glad message be passed the whole world round,
When I tell all of you what has just been found,
Now that Dennis Kemp has entered Swildons Four.

Balch, Baker, Barnes and Savoury were the pioneers,
No one has seen their like for many years,
Wherefore with one accord let us give three cheers,
Now that Dennis Kemp has entered Swildons Four.

First there was Swildons One, then there was Swildons Two,
Swildons Three came next, but there isn't much there for you,
What then is there left for us to do,
Now that Dennis Kemp has entered Swildons Four.

Two years hard work with banger did the trick,
The atmosphere was heavy with smoke, it was so thick,
And Dennis Kemp went into a corner, and was quietly sick,
But all the same he entered Swildons Four.

Blue Pencil Passage was narrow and tight as hell,
The muddy sump had to be drained as well,
And the W.S.G. didn't like the carbide smell,
But all the same they've entered Swildons Four.

They told the story to the newspapers the very next morn,
They got it all wrong as was to be forsawn,
Wherefor let the W.S.G. blow its trumpet, and Dennis Kemp his horn,
Now that they both have entered Swildons Four.


The hills of Mendip reverberate and rattle,
The fields are full of frightened sheep and cattle,
80 seconds flat from Hillgrove to Priddy,
Now that George Pointing has bought a T.R.3.

You should hear the worry and the fuss,
When Bristol members wait there for the bus,
No more lifts to Bristol on the free,
Now that George Pointing has bought a T.R.3.