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Score of Down in Cow Hole

Cow Hole was so named when the entrance was discovered by accident in the process of burying a dead cow. This was in 1931 and by 1935 it was decided that the cow had sufficiently decomposed that a dig to open up the cave should be started. Unfortunately the carcase had not decomposed due to the surrounding clay soil and the MNRC digging team experienced extreme discomfort except one Gerard Platten who seemed to have no sense of smell. It is possible that this little chant originated then. Other verses have since emerged.

Down in Cow Hole, URG-r-r-r-r-GH!

Fuckin' rope's broke, SH-i-i-i-i-T!

Lightweight ladders made by the Shepton club often had trouble with the rungs slipping as you climbed a pitch:

Fuckin' rung's slipped, BOLLOCKS!