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Score of The Priddy Green Song
The Bristol Exploration Club have several claims to fame. They are able to consume large quantities of beer and can usually be found in a pub, they do most things worth doing to excess and they tend to get everywhere. A BEC sticker claiming they get everywhere has been observed in a lavatory bowl on an Argentine corvette during the Falklands conflict, to name the most unusual place I am aware of, but they are rarely discovered underground! The club emblem is a Bat, their hut is called the Belfry whose residents are Belfyites. They celebrate their 75th anniversary this year (2010). Another song traditionally follows this one called The Exploration Club and can be found on the next page. This song was written by George Weston in 1961 when it won first prize in the BEC song competition.

A local bloke from Rodney Stoke more fond of beer than labour,
Was recommended by a friend to go and be a caver,
He said "your thirst is not the first of such capacity,
I know a crowd who'll do you proud, go join the B.E.C.

Go join the B.E.C, go join the B.E.C,
That boozy crew will do for you, go join the B.E.C.

The MCG brew splendid tea which make them rather merry,
The speleo's look down they're nose and tipple less than sherry,
The Shepton brood are rude and crude when drinking at the local,
But worse by far the Wessex are, exclusively teetotal.

We are the B.E.C, down with sobriety,
Throw out your chest, cry beer is best, and join the BEC.

Each Friday night we all get tight as soon as we are able,
By half past eight we lie in state beneath the Belfry table,
By nine o'clock our knees may knock we stagger out despite 'em,
By half past ten we're pissed again and so ad infinitum.

We are the B.E.C, and this we must confess,
Whatever is worth doing we will do it to excess.


In Exeter we drink no beer though we are far from sober,
For we believe that "roughs" the stuff, 10 pints for half a knicker,
It drives us nuts, it rots our guts, but still we will imbibe her,
For getting tight, this stuffs alright, on Devon keg rough cider.

This is traditionally followed by the Exploration Club Song: