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Priscilla Monks nee Appleton

Priscilla Monks.

Priscilla was born in England in 1830 the daughter of Ann and Henry Appleton. She married John Monks in 1850 having emigrated with her parents who also owned land in the Adelaide Hills near John's property at Shady Grove.

In 1851 Aquilla was born followed by Henry in 1852, George in 1855, Ann in 1857, Editha in 1863 and Mary in 1864.
Three children were lost in infancy. Their third son Samuel was born in 1854 and died on Chrismas Eve of that same year. Their fifth son Edwin was born in 1861 and died in 1862. Finally Emmeline was born in 1859 and died just short of her fourth birthday in 1863.

Their uncle Francis Duffield performed the funeral services of the last two at Shady Grove Church. Priscilla died aged 85 in 1915 and buried alongside John in the family plot.

Created on Jan 20th, 2019