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Mary-Jane Monk nee Snooke

Aquilla Monk's family..

Mary-Jane was born in the Isle-of White, England and becames a teacher at Littlehampton School, South Australia where she met Aquilla Monks, as he was then, and married him in 1875. She was born in 1853 at New Hayborough near Strathalbyn, South Australia, the second daughter of William Henry Snooke and Grace Jenkin Snooke nee Trelor.
Mary-Jane died in 1934.

They had 12 children; Mabel born 1876 Sydney 1877, Vivian 1879, Muriel 1881, Glays 1883, John 1884, Beryl 1887, Priscilla 1889, Charles Aubrey 1891, Enid 1893, Vivian Cyril 1895 and Rudolph 1898. Sydney and Priscilla did not survive childhood.

Created on Feb 12th, 2019