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Henry Redvers Calvert

HenryHenry and Tilly

Henry Redvers Calvert was born in Cornwall in 2004 and was the first child of Rebecca Calvert nee Biddle and Thomas Calvert.

It was difficult to get a good photo of Henry as he was camera shy but here is a good one on the left taken in 2008.

Here he is again in 2012 hugging his little sister Tilly trying to hide from the camera on a day out at Paignton Zoo.

Distracting Henry from the camera on the Severn Valley Railway in 2014 he forgot his shyness but Becky will probably never forgive me for the photo below right! (L toR Rebecca, Matilda, Henry and Tom).

Henry and TillyAll aboard the Severn Valley Railway

On the left is a picture of Henry with his little sister Tilly taken in 2014 in their school uniforms.

Henry obtained a place at Brymore Academy in 2017 and did well academically.

Updated on Feb 11th, 2020