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Eliza Jane Foster

Eliza Jane and sister MatildaEliza Jane and her mother Rebecca

Eliza Jane Foster was born in Taunton, Somerset in 1992 and was the first child of Rebecca Biddle and Matthew Foster and my eldest grandchild.
In the photo left she is holding her little sister Tilly at her christening in 2010.
In the photo on the right taken in 2014 she is with her mother Rebecca.
She completed her education at university in London and was living in Taunton with her boyfriend Zac, however, poor old Zac eventually got the boot as Eliza embarked on more full time education to further her career.

When Liza completes her 2nd Masters she hopes to obtain a position as a Cardiac Physiologist but in the meantime has fallen for young doctor Ian.
She visited us in Tauranga in October 2019 before meeting up with Ian in Australia.

Updated on Feb 11th, 2020