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Charles Aubrey Monk

South Australian Hockey team.

Charles was born in 1891 in Riverton, South Australia and died in Adelaide 23 September 1975. He married 3 times - 1st to Evelyn Stella Ferors in Adelaide in 1919, 2nd to Aimee Rose Huon de Kerrileau in Suva after Evelyn died after giving birth and 3rd to Peg Prescott in Adelaide. He and Evelyn moved to Fiji where they had Errol Aubrey Monk (Sue's father), Kenneth Arthur Monk and Audrey Evelyn Monk.

Sue remembers her grandfather as "a bit of a bastard" to use the Australian vernacular, mainly for being a gambler and womaniser. Sue only met him twice. Once when he visited new Zealand and once in a retirement home in Adelaide.

Created on Feb 12th, 2019