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Alice Costello nee Hallam

Great Grandma Costello nee Hallam was born Coventry in 1854 and I do not know exactly when she died. I do know that she pre-deceased her husband Alfred who she married in 1870 as he is listed as a widower in the 1911 census and was married for 40 years which means she would have died around 1910. Grandma Alice Biddle was born in 1886. Great grandma Alice also had two sons; Herbert born in 1876 and Leonard in 1887. She had five more daughters apart from grandma Alice; Gertrude in 1883, Elsie in 1886, Miriam in 1890, Violet in 1893 and Dora in 1897.
The marriage certificate bears the mark of them both as does the witnesses who were the father and sister of Arthur so they were all illiterate.

Created on May 1st, 2015