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Alice Biddle nee Costello

Grandma Biddle always seemed miserable when we used to visit in stark contrast to Dads only sister, my Aunty Elsie, who was fat and bubbly and laughed all the time. Grandma was born in 1885 and married Grandad in 1907. Elsie was born in 1908 and William Edward the following year. William Edward died in 1911 and I was unaware that I had an uncle who died before my dad was born in 1915 who my parents never mentioned.
Grandma stuck her head in the gas oven in 1962 with fatal results! Elsie never left home and married the next door neighbour some years later. A day or so after her marriage she also committed suicide leaving everything to her new husband. Strange.

Created on April 30th, 2015