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This is the web site of Roger and Sue Biddle and records the progress of our lives since our retirement in 2005 when we sold our house and business, Provender Delicatessen in South Petherton, Somerset and bought a Dutch Barge called Harmonie II. We sailed all around Europe and our trials and tribulations are recounted here.

In addition to cruising Harmonie we have travelled the world extensively and these journeys are also described but it is more than a travelogue. Our various interests like history, computers, rugby union, politics, music, walking and world events crop up regularly so it has become something of what is now called a "blog".

In 2013 we decided to conclude our life afloat and came ashore again to live in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, having put Harmonie up for sale. The barge has since been sold having completed a hull survey in early April 2015.
After 3 years in Bridgnorth we moved to Cheltenham, Gloucestershire for another 3 years and then moved to Tauranga, New Zealand, our current home.

We have not lost the travel urge but Sue is now in the final stages of terminal bone cancer and is bed bound which has ended further travel. Our story will continue on this web site for as long as we have something of interest to write about.

The site is divided into three sections from where you can navigate to pages covering Barging, Travel and our Lifestyle since coming ashore to live.

Roger & Sue Biddle.